Thursday, August 27, 2009

Napkins vs Towels - Napkins 0 Towels 4

I am still plugging away at both the napkins and the towels. Unfortunately the napkins have still been causing problems.

The towels are doing great, although I think I should set them at maybe 26 or 28 instead of 30 epi. I am beating them at around 24 ppi and they seem to have a bit better hand. I wover 2 tan ones and took them as a hostess gift while we were on vacation. I have 1 1/2 green weft ones finished.

The napkins had several more threading and sleying errors. Even after weaving this short sample for discussion group, I found some more sleying errors. The loom was giving me fits. I guess the dobby box (the one with the solenoids) was off kilter a bit and the pattern would not advance. I was able to find some info on WeaveTech that helped troubleshoot that. So, I need to get this going, but the inertia is high.

Here is a picture of the sample and a close up. The color isn't great - it is mostly white with some natural in the warp,
but the close up does show the pattern.

I am planning to have this warp finished by the middle of September - in time for the next discussion group meeting.