Sunday, July 10, 2016

More Towels

It's been a while since I posted anything new.  I have been weaving but just doing more towels - different colors but similar yarns, sett and structures.  But I've liked them.  These are all woven using 10/2 mercerized cotton yarn.  They were sett at 28 epi.  They were threaded to some sort of 8 point twill - regular point, M's & W's, M's & M's, irregular 8-shaft point, etc.  The tie-up is a 3-2-1-1-1-1 twill.  In all cases, warp yarns were used for the weft and the towels were treadled in each color as a regular 8-point twill and then the next instance of that weft color was treadled as an irregular point twill; M's & W's, M's & M's, etc.

Two of the color combinations were ones I had used before.  In this first set, originally woven for my friend Odette, the sequence of the warp threads were as I wove these towels before.

Odette Towel Yarns
Odette Towels

Looking for other color combinations, I looked at   This website presents pictures than color pallets derived from those pictures.  I loved this picture of multi-colored carrots. 

Mixed Carrot Towel Yarns

Mixed Carrot Towels

My friend Sue was looking for towels that would match an upholstered sofa.  Working with the vagaries  of computer screens and printers, I found a combination of colors we both liked.  The resulting towels gave a fairly broad range of overall colors.
Sue's Towel Yarns

Sue's Towels
This last set of towels is one of my favorites.  This is actually the fourth time I've woven towels using this color combination.  This time I did find a different striping sequence and although the proportions of each color was about the same.  These towels were sett at 30 epi.  I think this thickness of towels is very good.  It is easier to thread the warp through the reed using two threads per dent on a 15 dent reed rather than a combination of 2-2-2-1 per dent for a 28 epi sett. 

SF Towel Inspiration Picture

SF Towel Yarns

SF Towels

I am currently working on some other projects that are not towels.