Thursday, March 18, 2010

Too Much Yarn - Need to Use it!

I finally have more time to weave and too much yarn to fit into the space. So I am working on yellow, gree & blue baby blankets.

The other two looms are still full, but the yarn is there and needs to be used...

Finished Towels

Well, these towels are finally finished -- well almost. I have to hem three of them yet.

They turned out pretty well and are very soft. I tried not to beat them very hard. The sett was 25 epi and the average picks per inch was 22-23, so a little bit less dense than the sett.

The twill pattern is very pleasing as well. It is an 8-shaft 3-3-2-1 twill. I am not sure which weft I like the best. I used the three different colors from the warp - natural, medium brown and a combination of natural and medium brown. When weaving with the natural, I thought it might be too much contrast, but now that they are finished and washed, it looks good as well.
Here a detailed view.