Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Slight Detour

As part of the Holiday Cheer project, Craft Guild members are making quilted lap blankets. I wasn't going to make one, but there was some nice cotton fabric that just asked to be used. Most of the fabric has greens and reds. Some fabric is solid red and green. Most people are using fleece as a backing but I wasn't sure I could sew that on myself - without a stretchy stitch feature on my sewing machine. I found some bright pink corduroy for backing that looks pretty good and will provide some warmth.
I hope this will keep someone warm this coming winter.


I finished four blankets from the warp - two baby and two lap blankets. The lap blankets used darker warp and don't look so baby-ish.
They turned out pretty well.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Senior / Baby Blankets

The Weaving Discussion Group's project for this year is to make lap robes for holiday gifts for home-bound seniors. So thinking about how I can get this done quickly AND have something to submit to the County Fair, I decided to make the lap robes as I would baby blankets, nbut with more adult looking weft yarn.

The warp is cotton - mostly knitting type yarn. Two different yarns are paired in Fibonacci stripe width. These are pretty fun since I design the colors as I go along. I have used the same striping widths for a while. The sett is 10 epi, which is sort of an average since the yarns are not all of the same grist. The structure is plain weave,

I have one and a half finished so far.

Quick Towels

Wanted to use up the naturally colord 12/2 cotton I had, so I wove four towels using the random stripe twill design from the last set. The stripes are irregular in medium brown, light brown and natural. The warp is threaded to a regular point twill. This way the color and the pattern don't match - making it look more complecated than they are. I used the medium brown and light brown cotton as the weft.