Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Getting Back to Weaving

I finally got back into the studio to do some weaving. I put on enough warp for four baby blankets. So much for good calculations, I thought I had only enough for three and a little bit. I have a bunch of 1/3 or 2/3rds of blankets. I am planning to some day maybe do a patchwork blanket out the the short pieces.

Here are pictures with more detail of two of the blankets:

I used mostly cotton for the warp and synthetic baby yarn for the weft. It gives a nice hand to the blankets.

I am currently planning hand towels with some sort of huck motifs. Also I still working on "The Complete Book of Drafting for Handweavers" by Madelyn Van Der Hoogt with three other weaving friends. We've gotten to the Tied Weaves chapter.

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Beryl said...

I didn't realize you were a blogger -- but now that I know I'll check in frequently! The blankets look great.