Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Napkins & Towels

It seems like a long time since I actually made any progress at the loom. I started to warp some 20/2 mercerized cotton for napkins - probably a month ago. You can see where they are now. Well actually I have all of the warp ends through the heddles this evening. It was a bit of a mess to wind on. I haven't figured out a good configuration for the reed - right now it is positioned behind the loom so that the warp comes from the back of the loom, rather than from the front of the loom (even thought I am doing back to front warping.) It is not only a bit ackward, but the excercise bike is in the way. Sigh...

I got so frustrated warping the napkins that I put a warp for towels on the other loom. So I have 10/2 pink striped towels there - waiting.

I missed the napkin exchange at the discussion group, but one person has extra and is willing to exchange with me.
I was able to finish the towels I was working on a month or so ago. There are several green ones, a yellow and two white towels that I've gotten hemmed. I also still need to put together my samples from the CNCH Doubleweave class. They are still in a bag. Never a dull moment.

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