Monday, January 24, 2011

Weaving off on 16 Shafts

I'm weaving the warp from the 16-shaft napkins I put on the AVL loom probably a year ago.

I wove two napkins for an exchange, but lost interest.

I need to do another project to be finished by mid-February, so I am weaving this as a table runner instead of napkins. A little faster and possibly useful.

This is 20/2 cotton, so progress isn't very fast. I've woven about 3 1/4 yeards so far. I am trying to decide how long to weave it. Unfortunately I put on plenty of warp.


Judy said...

It's lovely! That will be a delicate table runner that you will enjoy looking at. What are you using as a measure for length along the side?

Ingrid said...

Judy, Thanks very much!

I use a piece of grosgrain ribbon that I have marked in 1 foot increments. I attach it to the finished fabric with T-pins. I don't have it pinned along the entire length of the piece - only attached with 2 pins on the horizontal surface before the cloth moves past the breast beam.