Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Finished But Too Short

I finished the rag rug - but it is too short. I thought I was carefully measuring the length on the loom, but I must have blinked or something. It is more square than rectangular - I probably needed to make it at least 6" longer.
Otherwise it turned out fine. I have enough warp to weave a second one. Although I'm not sure I need a second purple and white rug. :-)
The warp is purple and white 8/4 cotton carpet warp. The weft is 1 inch strips of t-shirts. I cut them so that each shirt yields a long strip - essentially cutting around the body of the shirt. This weft makes a strip that naturally curls and wears very well. The last rung I wove this way has lasted around 18 years.
The weave structure is plain weave with the warp colors alternativing. To change the colors, I just place two of the same color together. The stipes of color change in the weft direction by using two shots of carpet warp instead of just one.


Judy said...

Your rug has a strong graphic look to it with your use of two colors forming blocks. I bet you will enjoy its use for many years.

Sharon said...

I saw the t-shirt weft on another site recently but don't remember where. Years ago I was a runner and had a drawer full of t-shirts from fun runs. I've since "moved them on" but I'm sorry because that would be a useful way to keep the memories.

Cutler said...

I like this t-shirt rug idea! What a great way to use up old, soft cotton shirts. Thanks for the inspiration!

Ingrid said...

I have to admit that I sometimes raid my husband's t-shirt drawer. But I also recycle old colored t-shirts. The rug this one - actually the longer one that I just finished - will replace is about 17 years old. The warp is what gave out after many washings.