Wednesday, June 20, 2012

June Towels for June

I finally got back to the loom and the next set of towels.  The June picture is of a sunset and when translated into towels, pretty dramatic.  I picked out some slightly different colors originally but was able to order a few more colors that fit better. 
I threaded these to an 8-point twill with my standard 1-1-1-1-2-3 twill tie up.  I did get a bit bored and wove some of these as rosepath and some with an "M" treadling - 1-> 8 - 7 -> 5 - 6-> 8 - 7 -> 1.  The others were woven as "tromp as writ" with an 8-point treadling.

I really like how they turned out.  I wish I had woven two of the purple ones, but I was nervous that they would look too purple.  But they look great. 
The next project is a divergence.  The County Fair now has a category for County inspired pieces.  I'm already winding the warp for those towels...

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