Sunday, October 7, 2012

For Young and Not So Young

In the midst of a sea of towels, I decided to diverge and weave a couple of blankets.  A sort of local yarn store went out of business and I found a lot of the cotton I like for blanket warp on deep discount.  The holidays are also approaching and I wanted to have some lap robes for either the Holiday Cheer program or as "shawl" gifts for people who might need some comfort. 

This warp was unusual for me in that it was all the same grist.  Usually I mix yarns of different weights and they even out across the piece.  I also only used a few color:  blue variegated, yellow and white or natural. 
Baby Blanket on the loom

I wove two blankets - one for a baby and the other for an adult.  The weave structure is plain weave.  The wefts were a baby acrylic yarn with pink and blue flecks and another soft acrylic in a medium blue.

Here is the finished baby blanket.  I really love the effect that the variegated yarn made.  The detail is below.

 Lap robe

 Lap robe detail

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Beryl Moody said...

I love the variegated yarn in the warp - sort of an ikat look. Holiday Cheer seniors will love to warm their old bones under these comfy lap robes.