Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Scarf with Sock Yarn

I've woven several scarves with sock yarn.  I slightly miscalculated with the latest one.  I thought I had enough yarn with one skein (a pink to orange variegated) for the warp.  Unfortunately, I didn't.  So back to the drawing board.  I decided to use some of the second skein (an orangy solid) - intended for weft - as an accent stripe and find something else for weft.  I found a hank of different sock yarn in my stash - an orange variegated - and used that for weft.  This way I could have a skinny scarf instead of an overly skinny scarf.

The yarn was sett at 10 epi, with 7 inches in the reed and wove it as plain weave.  Everything seemed to be going well until I notice the yarn in the accent stripe had a different tension and I wove.  It seemed to be slightly tighter as I went along.  I persevered and ooched it along but was concerned that it wouldn't look right after I took it off the loom.

Fortunately once off the loom and washed, the scarf looked fine.



Judy said...

I love the color combination! Sock yarn is fun to weave with as there are so many great choices to work with.

Ingrid said...

I was really inspired by a member of my weaving group to try using sock yarn. I love the fact that variegated warp and weft create really nice patterns, even with plain weave.