Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Springy Towels

I'm back to weaving quite a bit again and finished with some towels with colors requested by a friend of mine.  I already had this picture when she asked me for the colors.  So it made it easy. 

I was originally going to include a light yellow but opted for the blue, based on her color request.  These towels are woven with 10/2 perle cotton sett at 26 epi.  I had been weaving with a sett of 24 epi for several years but it seemed like the result was a little more flimsy.  I tried to do some research to see if the yards per pound had changed for 10/2 cotton, but wasn't able to find anything.  But increasing to 26 epi seems to have helped.  It is a little less straightforward to sley in the reed since the pattern is 2-2-2-1, using a 15 dent reed.

I threaded these towels using an M & W pattern.  The tie up was the 1-1-1-1-2-2 twill I have been using.  One towel in each weft color was woven as an 8-point twill.  The second towel in that color was woven in other patterns, like M & W or random points. 

It turns out I sold half of these towels before I got any pictures.  The ones left all look sort of the same.  This set of colors were probably the closest in value of all of the color combinations I've done.  I like the combinations but thing a little higher contrast of value would improve them.

Light green weft

Lilac weft

Blue weft

The purples are a bit purple, but nice, I think.