Monday, January 18, 2016

New Year, Maybe New Ideas

The holidays are over, the company is gone and if it doesn't rain today all of the decorations, etc. will be put away under the house.  So my thoughts are turning back to the loom.  I have been working slowly on a new set of towels.  They were slated to be finished in November but they might be finished this month. 

I put enough warp on the loom for 12 towel instead of my usual 10.  They are still 10/2 cotton, sett at 26 epi, but I'm thinking about setting the next batch at 28 epi.  Twenty-six still feels not right and 28 might be better.  These were threaded as an 8-shaft point and treadled with a 2-2-1-1-1-1 twill tie-up. 

I am also working on my samples for the Complex Weavers 24 +/- Study Group.  These are due at the beginning of February.  I'm well on my way to finishing early - for the first time. 

I took a class last January with Bhakti Ziek, a jacquard weaver (among other things) and co-author of The Woven Pixel. She helped us understand how to create designs using Photoshop (R) for a computerized dobby loom.  It was a fantastic learning experience.  Using these techniques and Alice Schlein's book, The Liftplan Connection, I designed the piece below.  This piece is woven on 24 shafts with a straight draw threading.  This is part of the textile I will be using for the samples.

CW 24 +/- Study Group Samples - before cutting
The group met again this January and spent the time learning about each others' work and having the chance to critique and discuss our work.  It was very inspiring to spend time with these weavers.  I am hoping that this year I will be able to spend more time studying and experimenting in areas I haven't before.  I will still be weaving towels but I look forward to challenging myself with other projects. 

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