Sunday, March 11, 2012

April Towels

I am starting to wind the warp for the April inspired towels.   My original group of colors included a fairly bright green.  I replaced it with one called Willow.  That green is still fairly light in value, but more gray.

I like the colors sitting together on the counter, but when I started winding them, I am having my doubts.  I hope it's just that they aren't my colors, but we'll have to see...

Here's a section of the warp as it's being wound.


mormor said...

Det blir spännande att se :)!
Vilket roligt experiment.
vi får väl se resultatet?
Du är så bra på att sätta ihop färger, så det kommer att bli alldeles utmärkt.
Hälsningar Monika- in Sweden.

Ingrid said...

Monika, I'm not sure I am really good at pulling together the colors or not. But it is much easier to pick colors when using a picture as inspiration. If the picture is pleasing to you from a color perspective, then the colors should work well together.