Friday, March 2, 2012

Sock It To Me

I actually had things on all three looms at one time and decided to finish off the scarf that was languishing on the Baby Wolf.  This was a pretty simple scarf - variegated sock yarn  - merino superwash and nylon.  I wove it in plain weave.  Very simple.  I cut it off the loom and thought about my wet finishing options.  I hemstitched at both ends, but wanted the fringe to not get too fluffy during washing. 

 One end of the finished scarf was fairly long, but the other end wasn't very long.  I decided to try something different with the fringe.  I could have wrapped some sort of cloth around it and tied it up, but I decided to try a sock over the fringe on the one end. 

I rolled the end and took a sock with the toe cut out and stretched over top of the rolled scarf.

This is how it looked with the sock on it.  I have a front-loader washing machine and washed this on the second to most delicate cycle.  This might have worked, but when I took the scarf out, the sock had some off.  I think I will try this again, but perhaps put a tie around the sock at the scarf end to keep it on.

The finished scarf is nice because there is a self-plaiding effect using the same variegated weft as warp.  I think the fringe is going to be fine.

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Antonia Smith said...

Lovely! Is the yarn Mountain Colors?