Tuesday, June 18, 2013

November Towels - Only One More Month to Go

I'm on the home stretch with the Calendar Towel project.  I've been leaving the "harder" months to last, although November shouldn't be that hard.  Perhaps because it was a monochromatic picture, I was afraid that it would be boring or something and left it to the end. 

Again, I've been pleasantly surprised at how the warp colors have turned out.  I've only gotten as far as threading the heddles, but I think these will be nice towels.

These are the original colors I picked for the warp. 

Instead of just using these, I pulled out all of the possible colors from my 10/2 perle cotton "pallet".   I found that the light blue, stone and white made a too blah color combination.  So I added a dark green and a light yellow-green. 

I like these colors much better. 

I decided to put on enough warp for 12 towels instead of just 10.  This of course caused problems since I guess I can't keep straight which peg on the warping board I'm supposed to use.  So they might be slightly narrower than others, but I think it will turn out all right. 

I'm threading these to a "M and W" pattern and will weave the towels with the 1-1-1-1-2-2 treadling.  I used the random stipe generator and selected "Fibonacci" width stripes - only up to 13 threads wide, i.e., there won't be any of the wider 21 thread stripes. 

I'm thinking they will look nice once they're finished.

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