Monday, July 29, 2013

Finished in a Day

Procrastination is one of the things I seem to do the best.  As County Fair time rolls around, I spend a little time thinking of the different things I'd like  to enter.  I love the fact that we have a very nice, air conditioned room to display woven and handspun entries.  Unfortunately when I thought about what I wanted to enter, there were two things that weren't yet made. No problem, I thought - I have plenty of time.  Well time is running out. 

So I got myself together and wove a scarf yesterday.  It's not quite finished - I still have to decide what to do with the fringe and then finish the fringe - but it's close. 

The scarf is entered in a category that requires the pieces to be inspired by some aspect of our County.  I chose to use yarn colors that reminded me of the Manzanita.  We have lots of this plant on our property.  It has a beautiful dark bark and in the spring, tiny pink flowers.  But I decided to concentrate on the leaf colors.

The yarn is a blend of merino wool, llama, silk and linen.  I used two colors - the darker green for the warp and the lighter for the weft. 

The structure was a point twill with uneven sides (i.e., 16 threads on the up side and 24 threads on the down side).  The yarn was sett at 12 epi. 

Because of the variation in the yarns colors and the irregular point twill, the scarf looks more complicated that it is.  Not bad for about a days work.


Sharon said...

You're right - it does look complicated. I'll definitely take a look at it when I'm there next week. It's pretty!

Ingrid said...


You'll have to check it out at the Fair.