Monday, August 8, 2016

Handspun Yarn Project

The County Fair is right around the corner so it is the season to work on entries.  There is an underrepresented category in the Woven with Handspun Division called Collaborative Spinner/Maker.  The entries for this category are produced by two or more people with a woven item make from at least 50% handspun yarn.  Not being a spinner myself, I was able to get yarn for this purpose from my friend Beryl (

I don't often work with wool, but I thought about a scarf with two of the yarns Beryl offered.  Her yarn was the green and dark brown ones pictured below.  The strand of yarn pictured below was a handspun I had but can't remember where I got it.  It was labeled Hummingbird Handspun and might be Hummingbird Moon Handspun.

I am trying to use some new weave structures, so I thought I might try an advancing twill. This one is pretty basic on 8-shafts.  I did decide to use the tie-up I have on my Cranbrook loom (to keep me from having to get under it and rechain).  This is the same 3-2-1-1-1 tie up that I use with towels.  I calculated that I wouldn't have enough green for the entire warp.  I thought about alternating the green and brown but realized it would hide the pattern.  So, I used the green for the majority of the warp with stripes of brown on the selvedges.  I used the Hummingbird for the weft.

The warp was sett at 8 epi.  This might have been a bit dense for this warp and the weft I chose for a scarf, but it feels perfect for a table runner.  

The project wove fine without any difficulties.  The weft yarn was brown overall but had bits of the green and other complementary colors.  It seemed ideal.

It is really a lovely table runner.

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