Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Yuba River Scarf Plus One

Another Fair category in the Wool Division is Nevada County Inspired. This category is for entries that have been produce with some aspect of our County in mine.  I think it replaced "Fair Theme Inspired" several years go.  I love to enter this category - to keep the numbers up for it since it is an interesting category, and {truthfully} since it is one of the few categories with a cash prize.  :-) )  

This year I was a bit busy and not particularly inspired.  I have been looking through my yarn stash with the idea of doing projects that are relatively quick and can use up some of the yarn I have.  I purchased a fair amount of sock yarn to weaving into scarves.  I found several skeins of blue-green variegated sock yarn in two slightly different shades.  They looked a lot like the Yuba River that runs through the County and I got inspired to make a couple of scarves.  

Yuba River
This was the first time I've warped two scarves together.  Normally, I either have one skein with enough for one scarf - warp and weft or I felt safer just warping one at a time.  I did have to use a little of the yarn color I was planning to use for weft in the warp.  It is about an inch at one of the selvedges.

I used an extended point twill threading.  I like how this threading can result in large diamonds or other geometric shapes.  The warp (Knit One crochet two's Crock-O-Dye) was sett at 12 epi.  The tie-up is my standard 3-2-1-1-1 that I have been using for towels.  (Again, see the previous post about not wanting to get under the loom to re-chain.)  

The Yuba Inspired Scarf was woven as threaded - i.e., with large extended point threading. The second scarf was threadled in a small point.

Yuba Inspired Scarf

Second Scarf
Two Scarves Together

This yarn is variegated and creates a plaid effect by using it in the warp and weft.  The pattern is very subtle but in the detail pictures, the design can be seen.  It may not seem worth it to weave anything other than plain weave with this yarn but I like the extra texture that it creates.

Yuba Inspired Scarf Detail

Second Scarf Detail

I like the resulting scarves.  The Yuba River is a very inspiring landmark.


Lynda Halliger Otvos (Lynda M O) said...

Both scarves are gorgeous. The colors sing to me. As waterwoman, you hit the mark with the shades and the name !~!

Ingrid said...

Thanks Lynda!