Thursday, May 24, 2007

More Shopping Than Weaving

Between CNCH and a visit to North Carolina, I haven't had much time to weave. So I did the next best thing - shopped for yarn!

Those trips were great opportunities to find yarn. I know I don't need any more but it is hard to resist some of the new yarns in great colors and mixed fibers. The yarns to the left are all mercerized cottons. Perfect for baby blanket warp.

These blue yarns, on the right, (except for the small ball top left) are from the same company. They have slightly different content (wool, mohair, etc.) but are the same color. I found them in North Carolina and some in Carmel, CA. Unfortunately they are also available via the Internet.

I have been finishing the Shadow Weave sample. It is washed, but I haven't decided if I will add a fringe (and what kind) or just hem it. The pink towel warp is all wound, threaded and tied on. I just have to start weaving on that. More on those later.

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