Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Striped Towels in Pink and other Colors

I am still working on the multi-striped towels in 10/2 cotton. I started with a sample that crossed all of the warp colors in the weft. This gave me a chance to see how each color would look as weft. You can see the sample to the right.

I have woven a towel with the pink and have cut this off. The picture below was taken before it was washed and its detail is below. (The hardest thing about this blog is to get the pictures where I want them. It must not be that hard since lots of blogs have pictures everywhere in their posts. sigh...)

I have woven a yellow and a green towel and will probably use the tan for weft next. The yarn colors that were darker like the hot pink and purple didn't look very good as weft, probably because the value was so much different than the overall warp. I am hoping to finish these before the end of the week. Cheers!

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