Friday, July 6, 2007

Towels Finished - On to the Next Project

Well, the cotton towels are finished, hemmed, washed, etc. They turned out pretty well. I used pink, yellow, green and brown for weft. The brown ones (center under the yellow towel) looked better than I thought it would. The green isn't my favorite, but doesn't look too bad. I am thinking about entering them in the county fair in August.

In order to keep the momentum going, I started on some baby blankets. You can kind of see my process for designing the blankets. They are striped using two different colors and yarn types at a time. I have a plan for how wide the stripes are and just pick yarn combinations that seem to go together. These blankers are in peaches, yellows and whites. The warp is all cotton - mostly knitting-type of yarn. The wefts will be some kind of synthetic blend - acrylic/nylon, etc. It makes a very nice hand for the blankets.

If I get these finished, I will probably enter one of these in the fair as well.

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