Thursday, May 17, 2012

Amazing Bead Leno

The shawl isn't quite finished, but it is off the loom and washed.  I still need to finish the fringe and press it a bit. 

This did turn out to be easier in a lot of respects than I thought it would.  Threading the straws was very straightforward and it works - a bit miraculous. 

Straw "Beads"
Using a stick to ensure clean sheds
Leno still on the loom

I got a bit tripped up with tension problems (which isn't something new) but that didn't seem to cause any problem.  There were places where I think the weft should have been beaten in a bit more.  There are also a couple of places where the warp threads are spaced more apart.  It is less lacy than I had thought it would be. 

This is something I would try again. 

Maybe with less soft yarn.

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