Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Something New

I am embarking on a bead leno project.  This is a technique that allows you to use the loom to perform a design that normally is considered "hand manipulated".  By putting groups of warp threads through a "bead" (actually a short length of drinking straw), you can use the loom to recreate this technique just by treadling.  Once set up this is a much faster way to achieve this design.

This is going to be a summer shawl.  I've wanted to try this technique, but the opportunity just presented itself to try this.  I joined a knitting group.  The purpose of the group is to get together to knit and to create shawls and lap blankets for people who are facing a life challenge - personal illness, family member's illness or death.  I knit a little, but would much rather weave.  Since the weather is turning warmer, a nice lacy shawl would be better than something warm and woolly.

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