Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Further Exploration

I'm having to do a bit more thinking about weft colors with this set of towels.  I started with champagne (yellow) and cactus (blue green) but I wasn't sure what to use next.  I could use the dark green in the weft, but I was afraid it would just cover over all the nice warp colors.  I am still thinking about the light blue, but I picked the brown I used in the warp.  It is a medium brown that is a little reddish.  I like the result, even though it does kind of overpower the warp colors. 

The colors don't reproduce really well in this picture, but it gives the idea.  For this towel, I am weaving as threaded - that is treadle 1 through 8 / 1 through 8 / 7 through 1 / 8 through 1.  This is creating larger more regular diamonds.  I like the way it looks, but I have to think more when I weave this design.

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