Saturday, February 18, 2012

July Towels

I'm making progress on the latest set of towels. I did thread this as an extended point twill on 8-shafts - 1 to 8 twice then 7 to 1 / 8 to 1. This towel is woven with straight treadling. Not sure if it is really visible in the picture. I am weaving the next one to a point. That one is looking pretty fantastic.
I'm not sure which of the warp colors to use as weft for this group. I started with the blue-green called "cactus" and it looks good. Some of the other warp colors, like the gold, are pretty bright and would probably overpower the warp colors if I used them as weft. I might have to experiment with colors I didn't use in the warp for this set. I can always use the brown or dark green that appear in the warp. Using the dark warp colors make a fairly dramatic towel.


mormor said...

Hej ingrid!
i gladley read your blogg, but I have a question and a wish. Can´t you put in googles select langues". I am from Sweden and don´t get it all.
Perhaps there is another way to translate I hav´nt found.
Thanks you for your nice blogg and pictures.
best wishes Monika

Sharon said...

I hope you'll show the different towels with different colored wefts and maybe them as a completed set - puleeez.

Ingrid said...

Monika, I don't know about the language feature, but I'll look into it.

Ingrid said...


I will try to do that. I cut off the four I had woven to take to the weaver's group meeting today. I sold one already.

Judy said...

Lovely towels! Can we see an up close photo?